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How do I import a request list?

There are two ways to import request lists:

The first way is to import just a request list. This way is best to use if you just want to add a list to a room or you want to add additional lists to a room that's already been set up. From the Requests tab, click the Import button to the right of the New Request button.

A window will pop open and there will be and option to download the template.

You will need to download this template and match the formatting to what you want to import to your list. The easiest way to do this is to make sure the top two rooms stay as they are in the template, and then you can copy and paste what you would like to import in the rows below.

Once you have you the list you want to import correctly formatted following the template, click on Import again and chose this file to upload. Then, press import and your list will be added to the room showing up on the left hand side.

The second way to import a request list only available if you're an admin, and is best if you want to import a list and a folder structure for the Data Room tab at the same time. If you are starting with a blank room, we suggest importing this way.

Go to your Settings>Room template and select Download template example. Format the list of folders and the list of requests following the formatting in the template. The first tab _folders will be for your Data Room structure. The second tab list 1 you can rename to what you would like your request list to be titled and then you can follow the formatting to add in all of your requests.

Once you have the formatting, go to Settings>Room template again and click Choose file to upload your correctly formatted template.

*side note: The Export this room button on Settings>Room template will export the structure of this room into the correct format (folder structure and all lists included) to be imported into another room

Here is a video on how to upload a request list

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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