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Why can’t I download a document? Why is my document being converted to a PDF?

Why can’t I download a document?

The ability to download documents is controlled by the permission settings set for the group you are in by the Administrator of your room. If you are an Administrator, please see this article on how to set permissions to allow groups to download.

If you are not an admin, please contact the admin of your room to request download permissions. Their contact information can be found under the Groups tab. Please request Download with a Watermark or Download Original permissions in order to download the document. If there is a document you are trying to download and the system tells you a watermark can not be placed on that document and therefore does not let you download, please ask your admin for Download Original permissions for that document

Why is my downloaded document being converted to a PDF

If you are downloading a document and it's converted to a PDF with a watermark, that's because your admin has set Download with a Watermark permissions for your group for that document. In order for the system to place a watermark on a document, it must convert it to a PDF. To download the document in its native format, please contact your Admin and ask for Download Original permission to that document.

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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