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How to create a Workstream Progress Report?



Choose "Room Requests" explore.

Choose below fields:
-- Request Category view: List Name
-- Request view: Num of Requests, % Progress
-- Request Status: Name

Add below fields as filter by clicking on the filter icon next to the field:
-- Deal view: Deal Title (choose any deal that you want to check)
-- Request Status: Name (set the filter as "Status Name is not null")

Pivot Status Name by clicking on the pivot button next to the field. This will pivot Status name into columns and form a tabular format.

Run the report.

In the Data Pane, as shown below, perform the following actions:
-- Sort the table by List Name ascending by clicking the column header.
-- Hide the fields "Num of Requests" and "% Progress" by clicking on the gear icon next to the field and choose "Hide this field in visualization".
-- Check "Row Total" box.

Add custom fields by clicking on "Add" next to the "Custom Fields" section in the data pane and choose "Table Calculations".

-- Num of Requests, this will put a 0 into the table when there is a null for Num of Requests.

-- % Progress: this will add a row total of % Progress into the table.

In visualization pane, choose "Table" as the chart type. Go to Edit -> Series -> Customization -> % Progress -> turn on Cell Visualization and choose a color palette as you want.

Updated on: 19/05/2023

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