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How to create Deal Duration from Start to Close report?



Choose “Pipeline Deals” Explore.
In the “Deal” view, choose “Title”, “Start Date”, “Signing/Close Date” and “Count” fields.
Click on Run button.
Click “Add Calculation” in the Data Pane, and create the table calculation “Days from start to close” as below.

In the expression, ${dashboard_deal.d292b6e8f4b4439f8e9f72f8a1f1433e} is actually the “Signing/Close Date”. This is one of the custom fields that are customizable and differ from organization to organization. As a result, the long string of ID might be different in your case. Just input “Signing/Close” and the correct field will be prompted up as below.

The last part of the expression + ${dashboard_deal.count} * 0 is added to prevent the calculation from being treated as a dimension instead of a measure as it should be. (Ref)

In the Data Pane, hide the “Count” field as shown below:

In the Visualization Pane, choose the bar chart.
To add a reference line of the average duration across all deals, go to “Edit” → “Y” tab → “Add Reference Line” → choose “Average (Mean)” in the Value box.

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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