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How to create Avg. Phase Duration report?



Follow step 1-6 in the following post to create “Phase End Date”: How to create Phase Duration (table chart with cell visualization) report?
In the Field Picker Pane, add the field “Count” in the view “Deal”.
In the Data Pane, click on “Add calculation” and create the table calculation “Phase Duration” as below.

- The last part of the expression is added to prevent the calculation from being treated as a dimension instead of a measure as it should be (Ref).

+ ${dashboard_deal.count} * 0

Click on “Add calculation” again, and create the table calculation below to calculate the average duration across all deals for the 1st phase “**1. Target Listing”.**

Repeat step 4 for all the other phases.

In the Data Pane, click on the gear next to the column “Phase Name”, and choose “Hide this field from visualization” to hide the column. Do the same to column “Actual Start Date”, “Phase End Date”, “Deal Count” and “Phase Duration”.

In Visualization Pane, choose Column Chart as the chart type. And in the “Edit” → “Plot” tab → toggle on “Limit Displayed Rows” to show only the first row of the data.

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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