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How to create Deals by Industry (multi-select field) report?



Sometimes when there is a multi-select custom field, e.g. industry as shown below:

But you’d like to see how many deals are there for each industry. However, because it is a multi-select field, the result is as below, while you actually want to see 3 deals for Treatment and 2 deals for Transport.


Choose “Pipeline Deals” Explore.
In the Field Picker → Custom Fields → Click on “Add” → choose “Custom Measure”

Create the custom measure “Transport” as below, and it will return the number of deals of Transport industry.

Repeat step 2-3 and create the measure “Treatment” to calculate the number of deals for Treatment industry.
Click on Run button.
In the Visualization Pane, choose Column chart as the chart type and turn on “Value Labels” as below:


Updated on: 31/03/2023

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