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How to create Phase Duration (table chart with cell visualization) report?



Choose “Deal Phases Info” Explore.
In the Field Picker, choose “Title” in the “Deal” view, “Name” and "Order" in the “Phase” view, and “Actual Start Date” in the “Deal Phase Info” view.
Toggle on the filter icon next to the field “Actual Start Date” as shown below:

Set up the date filter in the Filter Pane to remove the phases that have not started yet.

Click on Run button.
In the Data Pane, click on the column header “Deal Title”, and then click on the column header “Phase Order” while holding the SHIFT key, to sort the table by Deal Title first and then Phase Order.

Click on “Add calculation” in the Data Pane and create a table calculation to calculate the “Phase End Date” as the actual start date of the next phase:

Click on “Add calculation” again and create another table calculation “Phase Duration”:

In Visualization Pane, choose Table Chart as the chart type, and go to “Edit” → “Series” tab → toggle on “Cell Visualization”.

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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