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New Platform Update: 2023-04-13

April 13, 2023:

Now there is an option to add colors to custom fields of select types in Pipeline

Now it's possible to filter by Assignee / Reviewer in one click in New requests UI. It will reflect and update the table right after selecting a user.

You can now sort in Data Room by related requests + added number of requests.

New pipeline permissions V1:

Pipeline permissions have been updated. You can create groups with like-pipeline permissions access, and group people with the same permissions instead of having to do each user one by one. Allow groups to only see deals they are involved with, create new rooms, and have edit or view only access to deal card details.

a. Add as many permission groups as needed
b. Set up who can create new deals on a group level - new feature
c. Set up who can edit and manage deals in pipeline - if disabled, users will still see deal data, but will not have the ability to not change anything - new feature
d. Set access to BI Reports on a user level (not group); grant access to a user of a group, reporting with either viewer, or editor abililty (can create reports)
e. Set access to the default organization settings on a user level; use to edit an organization's name, pipeline phases, custom fields, and room customization

The new permissioning system is fully compatible with the old one.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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