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New Platform Update: 2023-08-09

August 9th, 2023 - DealRoom Product Updates

New Feature Release: Dynamic Due Dates! - Revolutionize your planning process with our latest feature release. With a simple click, automate your timelines based on milestone changes, effortlessly set dynamic dates individually or in bulk, and stay agile and adaptable as your project evolves. Say goodbye to manual calculations and adjustments! Learn more by checking out this article - How do I use dynamic start and due dates?

New Upgraded Requests Management - The "Requests" tab interface has been crafted for superior information visibility and quicker diligence and integration management. Now you'll have access to:
Inline data editing: Click on fields directly to seamlessly edit information just like you would in an Excel spreadsheet.
Quick filters: Quickly sift through data with the new filtering capablities.
Personalized views: Customization of the the interface to suit your preferences and workflow for a more personal touch. This includes requests columns order and visibility management, as well as columns width adjustment.
Organization requests table default view: Customize the default request view for all the internal and external users. Set up column visibility and order to match your operational style.
Improved Timeline view: Our enhanced timeline view provides a snapshot of your integration progress. You'll have visibility into the duration of workstreams, enjoy effortless timeline adjustments for tasks, and benefit from automatic task scheduling.

New Improved Requests User Interface

Requests Table Default View Setting

For more info on the improved requests tab, see this article - New Improved Requests UI.

Improved Pipeline Permissions V1.1 - Now you can create multiple groups in the pipeline, ensuring enhanced security and control over who can view and edit information. The old Role-based system is replaced with new Group-based system with additional options to allow certain groups to:
Create new deals or not
Edit deals information or just view (View only) the deals' card info
Create rooms for deals or not

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