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How do I set up SSO with DealRoom?

How to Set Up SSO with DealRoom

All DealRoom subscription plans include Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

DealRoom supports three main SSO providers: Okta, Azure AD SSO, and Google SSO. If your organization uses a different SSO provider, please contact our support team for custom documentation. We can generally support any provider using SAML 2.0.

To set up SSO for your organization, please follow these steps:

Confirm Your SSO Provider: Identify and confirm which SSO provider your organization will use (Okta, Azure AD SSO, or Google SSO).
Specify the Domains: Confirm the domains you want to enable SSO for (e.g.,
Contact Your CSM: Reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) with the above information. They will provide you with the necessary documentation for the setup process as well as use the information above to configure SSO on the backend.
Follow the Documentation: Work with your IT team to follow the steps outlined in the provided documentation to complete the SSO setup.

Note: To complete the SSO setup, the IT person from your team will need Admin access to the pipeline. While they can be removed after the setup, they initially need this level of access. Therefore, we recommend configuring SSO before adding any sensitive material to the room.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact your CSM or our support team. We're here to help ensure a smooth SSO setup process for your organization.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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