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How to send out BI dashboards to emails periodically?

BI dashboards can be sent to different email addresses periodically as PDF, CSV or PNG. This feature is called Schedule Delivery. Below you can find the steps to set up a schedule delivery content in the BI Reports section:

Go to Reports -> BI Reports and choose the dashboard that you'd like to send.
Click on the three dots on the upper right corner -> click on Schedule Delivery.

The Schedule Delivery configuration page will pop up. Under the Setting tab, you can set up the frequency and time, email address, the format of the reports.

Under the Filters tab, you'd be able to apply specific values to the dashboard filters.

Under the Advanced Options tab, you'd be able to set up the timezone, expand tables to show all rows if there are large tables and so on.

You can test the schedules using "Test Now" button, or Save the schedule first and then click on the "Send now" button as shown below:

Click on the three dots and you can edit, duplicate or delete the schedule.

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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