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Overview of the Reports Tab

Overview of the Reports Tab

In DealRoom, the Reports tab is a powerful tool designed for room admins, offering a clear view of your project's activities. This feature provides valuable insights to help you monitor and understand various aspects of your project. Let's explore the key benefits of the Reports tab.

Let's dive deeper into the advantages of the Reports tab.

Note: The Reports tab is exclusively for room admins.

Requests Overview

On this tab, you can get a glance of:
Requests Activity: See open, in progress, and resolved requests for each worklist
Group Activity: See the most active and least active groups
User Activity: Highlights the top 4 active users
Linked Documents Activity: Shows the most viewed documents

Requests Progress

On this tab, get a high-level view of request views and the number of unresolved requests.

Requests Activity

This tab allows you to drill down the request's progress by the assigned group. Here you can monitor how well each group is doing relative to their assigned requests and by scrolling down further, you can also see which worklists are getting the most views.

Top Active Users

On this tab, easily note which groups are spending the most time on the platform. Dig deeper by seeing stats regarding each individual group or user:

Logins, Time Spent on the platform, requests viewed

Documents viewed, uploaded, and downloaded

Data Room Activity

On this tab, see document interactions - views, uploads, and downloads, attributed to specific users.

Audit Log

The audit log is one of our more powerful features for tracking activity in DealRoom. Almost every activity is tracked here, allowing you to even drill down to the individual group or user to see their activity in the platform. You can also export this report for external review.

Note: For more information on the audit log, please reference this article: How do I track activities in the Audit log?

The Reports tab helps you stay in control by providing clear insights into your project. If you have questions, our support team is here to help.

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Updated on: 25/04/2024

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