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How are requests and the data room linked?

Linking Requests and Data Room in DealRoom

DealRoom streamlines the completion of due diligence and integration processes by seamlessly linking Requests and files in the Data Room within the platform. This feature ensures that documents are uploaded once, attached to specific requests, and correctly stored in the corresponding folder in the data room at the same time!

First, what is the difference between Requests and the Data Room?

The Requests tab is the project management part of DealRoom where requests for information (or tasks to be done) are stored. Here you can make comments, update the status of a request, assign users, and attach relevant documents. This will keep track of the progress and communication made on specific requests. Worklists are groups or categories of requests, allowing you to organize them further (i.e. by department, due diligence, integration, etc).

The Data Room tab is where documents in the room are physically stored. When documents are uploaded to a request or the data room, they are automatically indexed and stored in the data room.

Tip: If you're accustomed to Excel, think of the Requests tab as your excel tracker that has links to documents in a data room. With DealRoom, this is all in one place, allowing seamless organization and collaboration while reducing manual time spent.

How are the Requests and Data Room linked?

Worklists in the Requests tab and Folders in the Data Room are linked through their Title. To enable the system to identify the appropriate folder for storing a document uploaded to a request, the folder and worklist must have the exact same title.

Note: It does NOT have to be 1-to-1. There is no requirement to create a folder for every subworklist or request. If there isn't a similar data room folder, the system suggests an alternative location or the Home folder.

When the data room and requests are linked in this way, when you upload a document to a request the system will automatically suggest the correct folder to store it in based on the title of the worklist that the request is in. See below example for more info.

Tip: Documents can be linked to more than one request if applicable. This is just referencing the document; it does not make a copy or upload the document twice.

How do you upload a document to a request?

There are two ways to upload a document: directly to a request or to the data room. We recommend uploading to a request as best practice.
Open a request and click the Upload button.
Choose while file you would like to upload.

The system will then suggest a folder to store it in, based on the name of the worklists that the request is located in and the corresponding data room folder with the same title. In the example below, the request is located in a subworklist called "Commercial Policies". There is also a folder with this name in the data room so the system is suggesting to store this document there.

Example of Linked Worklists and Data Room Folder Structure

Requests Tab

In the Requests tab in this room, the worklists are labeled by department (i.e. Legal, Financial, Commercial, HR, Tax, etc.)

Tip: You can customize the names of your worklists and data room folders as you prefer. The provided example illustrates one way to structure a room.

Data Room Tab

To link the Requests and Data Room folders in this room, the folders are using the same department labels as the worklists (i.e. Legal, Financial, Commercial, HR, Tax, etc.)

Note: The order of the worklists and folder structure does not need to match; only the title needs to be identical.
Note: It is NOT 1-to-1. There is no requirement to create a folder for every sub-worklist or request. If there isn't a similar folder, the system suggests an alternative location or the Home folder.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our support team is ready to assist you! Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Updated on: 29/01/2024

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