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How do I attach documents to a request? Where are documents stored?

There are two ways to attach documents to a request.

If the document already exists inside your DealRoom:

Inside your Room, click on a Request

Click on any request inside your Room
Look for Documents on the left side of the pop up

Request popup
Click the plus sign next to Documents
Another pop up opens. You can upload a single document or the whole folder through the following:

Documents popup
4.1. Type the filename inside the search bar

Enter the filename into the search bar
4.2. Search for the file inside the folders dropdown

File inside a folder

4.3. Search for the folder that houses files you need

Click on the file or folder that you want, and click Save. You can upload multiple folders and files into a Request.

The file should now be under Documents

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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