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How do I change or reset the ID number on a request?

How to change the ID number on a request

ID numbers are linked to unique URLs for each request in the room. We recommend using the ID numbers created initially with each request to avoid confusion for other users and be able to reference one ID number. If you would like to change the ID number of a request, you must have admin privileges for the room.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:
Navigate to the Settings tab at the top right.
Select General from the left menu.
Scroll down until you see the text “Create list keys for request sequencing (e.g. 'BUYER-100')".
Select the Enable option.

Enter at least two alphabetic letters to serve as the prefix for each list (i.e. AA, BB, CC, DD, etc.), including deleted lists as well.

Once finished, click the yellow Enable button.
You'll now see each request has a 2 letter prefix before each number such as AA1, BB2, etc.

Resetting ID numbers back to 1.

To reset the ID numbers of requests back to 1, just click Disable.

By enabling Request Sequencing, each worklist will have an alphabetic prefix and each worklist will have an ID number that starts with 1.

Note: Additional tasks added to any list will revert back to the original ID numbering (i.e. 201, 202, 203... etc). In other words, the system keeps track of the number ordering of requests and will always continue where it left off, generating new links for new requests and never recreating the same link twice.

Warning: With Request Sequencing enabled, you will not be able to import additional request lists.

Please be aware that the ID number of requests and index numbers of folders and files in the data room are not designed to match. This is because a request can have multiple documents attached to it, therefore making a one-for-one match impossible. The system links the data room and request lists via title, not number.

If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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Updated on: 18/09/2023

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