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How do I create deal tasks?

How to Create Deal Tasks

DealRoom's pipeline feature empowers users to efficiently organize and manage deals in their pipeline. You can seamlessly attach emails, make notes, monitor deal progress in each phase, and most importantly, create tasks with deadlines to ensure you never miss a crucial follow-up or the next step with a target company.

Creating a Task

Navigate to the Pipeline tab from the left menu.
Click on the specific deal card to open it.
In the middle section of the card, select the Tasks tab at the top.
Click the blue New task button.

Fill out the following fields: Title, Description, Due Date, Assignee.
Once finished, click Create task.

Note: The assigned team member will receive a notification in their inbox and reminders as the due date approaches, ensuring timely completion.

Tip: You can easily access tasks assigned to you by navigating to the Your Work tab, providing a centralized location for all your ongoing tasks and responsibilities.

Completing a Task

Go to the Tasks tab in the deal card.
Click on the checkmark icon next to the task title to mark it as completed.
Another option is to open the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of a deal task and select Complete.

Editing a Task

Go to the Tasks tab in the deal card.
Click on the 3 dot menu in the top right of the deal task box.
Select Edit.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our dedicated support team is readily available to help. Don't hesitate to reach out for any clarifications or additional guidance!

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Updated on: 04/12/2023

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