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How do I use findings (beta)?

How to Use Findings (beta)

At DealRoom, the Findings feature is a tool that can help M&A teams manage identified risks and issues, foster collaboration, and enable timely decisions for more successful deals.

Creating a Finding

Begin by entering the room and navigating to the Findings tab located at the top.
In this tab you can select each worklist from the left to see the findings that are associated with it or with the requests in it.
To initiate a new finding, click the blue New finding button positioned at the upper right corner.

A pop-up window will appear. Proceed to complete the required information for this finding:
Define the type: Risk or Issue.
Specify a title.
Associate the finding with a worklist and/or specific request.
Provide a detailed description.
Indicate the severity level: Low, Moderate, or High.
Determine the likelihood: Unlikely, Likely, Very Likely.
Assign relevant users to this finding.
Click Create finding.

After creating a finding, you can open it to access additional details, add comments, or make edits.
In the middle section, you have the option to formulate a mitigation plan. This involves outlining actions to be taken in order to mitigate the identified risk, preventing it from escalating into an issue.

With all risk-related findings documented in a centralized manner within DealRoom, workstreams can efficiently address and mitigate these risks, resulting in a smoother progression of the deal process.

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Updated on: 07/09/2023

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