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How do I create request custom fields?

How to Create Request Custom Fields

In DealRoom, we empower you to go beyond basic spreadsheet capabilities by offering interactive request fields, facilitating streamlined diligence and integration processes. While we provide standard fields like Priority, Status, Assignee, Start Date, Due Date, and Labels, you can further tailor your tracking needs by creating custom fields.

Request Custom Fields is a feature included in enterprise plans. For other plans, it is available as an add-on at an additional cost. Contact our support team today to explore adding this feature to your workflow today!

Note: Only admins will have access to creating custom fields.

Creating Request Custom Fields

Navigate to the Settings tab from the left navigation menu.
Select the Custom Fields tab at the top.
Click the Request tab from the options.

To create a new custom field, click the blue Add Field button at the top right.
Enter a descriptive field label and choose a suitable field type from the available options: Text, Number, Date, Select, or Multiselect.
Choose a custom color (optional).
Once finished, click Create.

Tip: To modify a custom field, hover over it and select Edit. Upon completion, click Update.

Congratulations! Your custom fields are now ready for use across all rooms within your organization under the Requests tab.

Request Custom Fields Example

To view your newly created custom fields, navigate to any room and select the Requests tab. These fields will appear as column headers alongside standard fields like Priority, Status, and Assignee. If not immediately visible, scroll horizontally to locate them.

Customizing Request Field Order

To ensure a seamless experience, customize the look of your request tracker!

Within the Request tab, click on the table icon positioned at the top right (adjacent to the New request button).
Check which fields you'd like to see.
Optionally, rearrange field order by dragging and dropping them as needed.

Note: This customization will only affect your view. If you'd like to change the default view for the rest of your organization, see below.

Tip: Resize column widths for enhanced visibility, similar to Excel.

Setting a Default Requests View for Your Organization

As an administrator, optimize new members' experiences by defining a default view for DealRoom:

Go to the Settings tab from the left menu.
Select the General tab from the top.
Scroll down to the section labeled Requests Table Default View.
Click Adjust default view.
From the pop-up menu, select which fields you'd like and the order they should be displayed.
Upon saving, these settings will be uniformly applied across your organization for new members.

Creating BI Reports for Request Custom Fields

Track and analyze request custom fields with our BI reporting feature to gain valuable insights into your workstreams.

Note: Your plan must include the Pipeline with BI reporting to use this feature.

In the Explore window, choose the Room Requests option from the left menu.
From the menu of fields, choose Request. Here you will see the request custom fields you can generate reports for.
Hit Save after creating your visualization.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team!

Don't see this feature? Reach out to our Customer Success team or support to unlock it.

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Updated on: 29/03/2024

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