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How do I set permissions?

How to Set Permissions

Note: Admins have the ability to set permissions for other users in the room. Admins have access to everything in the room.

In this article we will cover:
Creating a group
Setting File Permissions
Setting Requests Permissions
Setting Other Permissions

Permissions are set per group and all members in the same group will have the same permissions. Members can only be in one group per room. If a member has different permissions than all other members in the room, they should be a part of their own group.

We highly recommend setting up a Group's permissions before inviting members in.

Creating a Group

Go to the Permissions tab at the top.
Click on the (+) icon sign next to Groups on the left-hand side to create a new group.

Once the group is created it will show up on the left hand side. Select this group to set it's permissions.
Then, use the File Permissions, Request Permissions and Other Permissions to set what this group is able to see and access inside the room.

Setting Files Permissions

File Permissions will allow this group to access folders and files in the Data Room. There are four levels of access:
View (allows viewing with a watermark).
Download (allows downloading with a watermark).
Download Original (allows downloading without a watermark in native format).
Edit (allows for uploading documents).

Click the corresponding icon on the right for the level of access you would like to give this group to each folder and/or file. Hit Save when finished.

Tip: If you select the corresponding icon at the very top it will apply that permission to the entire column.

Setting Requests Permissions

Request Permissions allows this group to interact and see the lists in the Requests tab.
Request Management: This allows users to see and interact with Requests. Choose whether you want this group to be able to create and/or delete requests, view or edit start and due dates, and view or edit request custom fields.
Approve Public Comments: This let Admins approve any Open comment this group makes on a request before it is visible by others.
Findings Access: Determine whether this group will have access to the Findings tab.
Access inheritance for new categories: With this enabled, this group will have access to new subcategories created within a worklist that they have access to.

Request Permissions Continued

Requests Lists: Control access and visibility to worklists, down to the subcategory level.

Setting Others Permissions

Other Permissions allows this group to see other groups in the room and have additional permissions if necessary.
Grant this group administrator permissions allows a group to have the same access rights as admins.
Mask original document upload dates will hide the initial date documents were uploaded.
Manage Group Membership allows groups to see who is in their own group by default. You can give them access to add more users to their group or restrict access so they only see themselves in the group.
Permissions of files uploaded or moved by other groups will allow users to see documents uploaded by other groups according to the file permissions you have set for them by default. If there are hidden documents in a folder, the system will default to no access to new files uploaded to this folder. You can restrict this further by give the group no access to documents uploaded by other groups, or have the files inherit the parent folder permissions regardless of any hidden files.
Other Groups allows users to see other groups in the room with them. Groups can only see the Admin group and their own group by default.

Once you have permissions set:
Click on the Members tab at the top.
Click the Add User button and copy and paste as many emails in that you would like to log in as a part of this group.

Easily see and change permissions across groups in a matrix view by clicking on All Groups on the left hand side and then choosing File Permissions or Request Permissions.

Copy or Delete a group by hovering over the group and selecting the three dots that appear.

If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Video on setting permissions here

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Updated on: 02/05/2024

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