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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Other FAQs

If you don't find the answer you're looking for in our other help articles, here are some other frequently asked questions:

Q: What currency is your pricing page based on?
A: The currency is based in US dollars.

Q: What is the name of the legal entity at DealRoom that issues VDR freeze letters?
A: DealRoom, Inc.

Q: How do I apply to a job here?
A: For any job inquiries, please send an email to

Q: Does your service have a referral program for clients?
A: For partnership inquiries, please refer to this page

Q: Can I download your company logo?
A: Here's the link to download our logo.

Q: Where can I get industry updates?
A: To stay up to date with industry news, you can sign up for our newsletter here:

Q: How do I become a guest on the M&A Science podcast?
A: Reach out to for inquiries.

DealRoom FAQs

Q: What is DealRoom? What makes you different?
A: DealRoom is an M&A Lifecycle Management software.

Q: Can I move a Deal from one organization to another?
A: Deals can not be moved from one organization to another at this time. However, you can download material from one room and upload everything in a new room in the other organization.

Q: Can I move documents from one room to another?
A: There currently is no option to move documents from one room to another. An easy fix is to bulk download them and then upload to the other room.

Q: How do I copy requests from one deal room to another?
A: You can export all requests in one room and import them in the other room. Or if you are creating a new deal, you can choose "Copy Room" and copy selected items including requests lists, permission groups, etc.

Q: Can we lock the priority status for each request so it can be modified only by Admins?
A: At this time the functionality to the request is more all or nothing, so all users can adjust the priority. You can use the "Show Activity" box in the comments section to track if any user made a change to the status.

Q: How do I link worklists with folders in the data room?
A: Worklists and folders are linked in the system by title. We suggest ensuring the titles are an exact match.

Q: Is your free trial functionality limited?
A: Each free trial is customized to the user's needs so they can fully evaluate the solution.

Q: Is there a translate option within DealRoom?
A: We do not offer any translation services at this time.

Q: What’s the difference between an admin and a room owner?
A: A room owner is an admin who can’t be removed from the room because they created it but all other access is the same as an admin.

Q: How would I go about changing an existing room owner?
A: That has to be done on the backend. A current admin or the room owner can request to have the room owner changed.

Q: What is the difference between a dynamic and static watermark?
A: Dynamic watermark is the default and will include the email address of the user that accessed the document, date and time, and IP location in the watermark. Static is just one word like "Confidential" but can be customized.

Q: Where can I get a product demo or ask questions about pricing?
A: You can reach out to one of our sales reps here:

Q: Can I upload a zip folder to DealRoom?
A: You can upload it but it will remain as a zip file. Same if users download it from DealRoom, they will be downloading a zip file.

Q: How do I access the M&A playbooks/templates? Which ones do you have?
A: To access our templates, kindly schedule a demo with our sales team. Here’s the link to do so: Some playbooks available to our customers:
Master Due Diligence, Sell Side Due Diligence, Buy Side Due Diligence, Oil and Gas Due Diligence, Technology Due Diligence
Post Merger Integration, Integration Plan Day 1 Readiness, Finance Integration, Capital Raise (Equity or Debt)
And more!

Q: Does DealRoom charge per page in the Data Room?
A: No, we do not charge by page. We charge by data usage overall.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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