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What is the difference between static and dynamic watermarking?

Using Static and Dynamic Watermarks

Enhancing security and confidentiality is paramount in FirmRoom, and to achieve that, we offer the capability to apply watermarks to documents within the platform.

Note: Only administrators have the authority to enable and select files for watermarking.

FirmRoom provides two types of watermarks for your documents:
Static Watermarks
Dynamic Watermarks

Static Watermarks

With static watermarking, custom text, such as "CONFIDENTIAL", can be placed across your files. Administrators can personalize this text as needed. Additionally, within FirmRoom, you can adjust the opacity and position of the watermark. Remember to save your changes by clicking the Save button.

Dynamic Watermarks

Dynamic watermarking offers the option to display various fields, such as User name, Date & Time, Email, and IP-address, as watermarks on each file. Admins can select these criteria by checking the corresponding boxes. Similar to static watermarks, opacity and position adjustments are available. Don't forget to save your changes by clicking the Save button.

Tip: Dynamic Watermarking is the default setting and what we recommend using.

Note: Encrypted or password protected files will not be able to have watermarks placed on them. These should have "Download Original" access to be viewed.

Example of Dynamic Watermark

Static watermarks will look similar but just have the word specified.

How to Change Watermark Settings

Navigate to the Settings tab at the top right.
Choose Watermark from the left menu.
From the drop-down menu under Type, select Disabled, Dynamic, or Static watermarking based on your preference.

Modify the settings as needed, including custom text for Static watermarking or criteria for Dynamic watermarking.
Confirm your changes by clicking Save.

Who Can See Watermarks?

Administrators control viewing and downloading permissions for folders and files within the Permissions tab. Watermarked access is indicated by the eye icon (View Watermarked) and the single downward arrow icon (Download Watermarked PDF).

Note: If you want to view or download a file without a watermark, you must request an admin to grant you "Download Original" permissions for that document.

Tip: If you'd like to have an idea of what a normal user can see, we suggest inviting your personal email into another group and viewing documents that way.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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Updated on: 27/11/2023

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